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This page contains links to some of the best personal development articles on my blog that’ll help you understand the topics with clarity. Feel free to read, bookmark, or even print them (if you like the touch of paper)—good luck.


The Key to Success: This Is What You NEED to Be Successful in Life

“Selfishness is Key to Success? OMG! It’s a bad thing. What will people say about me if I become selfish? No, no, I must not be selfish.” So, you think selfishness is evil? And you think you can get successful without being selfish? This article has some tough questions for you (and also, the answers).

Hard Work is the Core of Success

“Hard work—are you kidding me? Dude, which era you’re living in? Smart work is in, hard work is out.” Really? You think “good old hard work” is not relevant anymore to achieve success? Well, this article will give you some food for thought.

Want Success? Do Your Best Work

Admit it or not, we all like to succeed without giving in much. But, the thing is: if you want real success, you need to put in real work—your best work.  Why? Read this article to find out.

Focus. Exams. Concentration.

How to Concentrate on Studies (7 Silly Mistakes to Avoid in 2020)

“How the hell am I supposed to prepare for my exams? This goddamn monkey-like mind keeps jumping from one branch to another. Arrggh…I can’t focus in such a bloody mess.” Well, you certainly can. This article will point out the silly mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

How to Score Good Marks in CBSE 12th Board Exams 2020

Board Exams can scare of shit out of anyone. But don’t worry, this (detailed) article shall give you practical tips to help you score better marks in board exams.

How to Build ROCK SOLID Concentration with Tratak (7 Powerful Trataks to Choose from)

Improving concentration is difficult. But this ancient Hindu Yogic method—Tratak, can make things easier for you. Of course, if you’re willing to do the work.

Spoken English. Communication Skills.

How to Improve Communication Skills

“Hey, Ram Ji, working on communication skills is hard. Please help me.” Well, improving your communication skills shouldn’t be that hard. Find out more in this gem.

How to Improve Spoken English (And When to Say “To Hell With It”)

English, especially spoken English, can be a bitch for most of us. And there’s so much of confusion about improving spoken English skills—some say read newspapers, while others say listen to the Brits on youtube. What to do? You’ll find out.


How to Become a Model (Tips to Start a Modelling Career)

Modelling is hot, and so are the chicks and money in the glam world. And that’s the reason many young boys want to make a career in modelling. But is it as easy as it sounds? Are you willing to pay the price to become a successful model? Why not find out for yourself?

How to Become a Voice Over Artist (Why Having a “Sexy” Voice Doesn’t Work?)

“Oh, you have such a sexy voice. Why don’t you try your luck in voice overs?” You think people with a “cool” or “sexy” voice can become successful in voice overs, right? Well, read this article to evaluate if you have what it takes to be a voice over artist and, if it is the right career for you.

Teaching Tips: Make a Difference, Earn Students’ Respect, and Stand Out from Regular Teachers

Teaching is hard, man, like really hard. You can keep banging your head against the wall and still could not figure out what the fuck is wrong—how can you make a difference in the classroom, and earn respect from your students? This article will show you the “how.”


Meditation is Not For Everyone (You Can Go Crazy, Seriously!)

“Meditation. Oh, yeah, it’s the real deal—the cure for every ill—depression, negativity, and mood swings. Hell, meditating for 10 minutes in the morning can turn me into a superhero.” Really? Who told you that? The Meditation Gurus, right? Well, what they didn’t tell you is this: meditation can be harmful, you can even lose your mind if not careful. Read on to find out if meditation is really for you.

Suicide? (Sorry, Killing Your Body Doesn’t Kill YOU)

At times, life can become too much of a burden, and committing suicide seems like an excellent idea. But will killing your body kill you also? I know it CAN NOT. And how do I know? Well, I have been there, that’s fucking why—you’ll see.

Religion. Nationalism. Hinduism.

How “Loud” Are Your Religious Sentiments?

‘Ghor Kalyug!” My father exclaimed. “What happened?” I asked. “People are complaining that the “Bhajans” I play on loudspeakers early in the morning in our Lord Shiva Temple disturbs their sleep —their buffaloes start jumping while they milk them.” “So what father? Aren’t they right? What does religion have to do with Loudspeakers anyway?” He didn’t utter a word. Just a “Sigh.”

Are You a Nationalist? (What Makes You Think So?)

“Yes, I am a nationalist, a Hindu nationalist, you see. Moslems must be kicked out of our country unless they chant Bharat Mata ki Jai.” OK, I get it, you are a nationalist. But wait, are you, really? Let’s see.

Green Diwali Conspiracy (Say No to Crackers? Why Not Say YES?)

“The Hindu firecrackers cause pollution on Diwali. And so Hindus must stop bursting firecrackers on Diwali. Rest of the time it’s OK—New year eve, IPL matches, celebrity marriages. And don’t you argue with me, I am a liberal, you know. I know better, you fucking RSS clown.” There we go—say no to firecrackers—but hey, only on Diwali.

Social Media. Television.

Watching Too Much TV? (What Are You Hiding?)

I turned off my TV in 2015 and haven’t turned it on since then. And it won’t show any goddamn thing even if I turned it on, you know why? Because I unsubscribed from all the services. So basically, I killed my TV, and it’s dead for good. Wonder what made me did so? Read on.

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