My name is Avdhesh Tondak.

I am a writer, speaker, and voice artist.

Back in 2010, I was searching for “articles on personal development” on the web.

And all I could find was “gobbledygook.” In other words, “jargon.”

Highly disappointed with what I found, I started exploring personal development, spirituality, and Sanatana Dharma. And later, in 2011, founded the website, “avdheshtondak.com.”

And since then, I am on a mission:

Cut the crap and give the readers what they truly deserve—articles about personal development and self-improvement, in plain, easy-to-understand English.

My native place is Yahiyapur, Khatuali, in the Muzaffarnagar district of Western Uttar Pradesh, Bharat.

I am the founder of KhadiBoliShabdkosh.com, where I promote my native language, Khadi Boli.


I hope you have a great time reading my articles.

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