Green Diwali & Say No to Crackers: Anti-Hindu Propaganda?

“Green Diwali & Say No to Crackers is anti-Hindu propaganda?”

“How could that be?”

“Shouldn’t we all celebrate a Green, pollution-free Diwali?”

“Don’t we all have a duty to say no to crackers, promote pollution-less Diwali, and save the environment?”

That’s what you’re thinking, right?

You believe Diwali crackers pollute the air, and that’s why you’ve decided to celebrate a Green Diwali this year…which essentially means only diyas, candles, rangolis, sweets, and Lakshmi Ganesh Pujan.

No fireworks! Not at all.

And why wouldn’t you?

The truth is:

Air pollution breaks all records on Diwali night (thanks to the poisonous smoke, suspended particles, and harmful gases emitting from firecrackers!)

Green Diwali Say No to Crackers: Diwali Firecrackers on Sale

In fact, the AQI (Air Quality Index) in the major Bhartiya cities gets so messed up on the night of Diwali that even a person with half a brain will prefer a green and clean, crackerless Diwali.

No matter how much we deny it, the truth is staring right in our faces:

The air quality is deteriorating every year like crazy!

And this ‘unbreathable’ air is making small kids, older people, and even young adults prone to respiratory diseases. As a result, TB, asthma, and ‘difficulty in breathing’ cases are rising at an alarming rate. (Don’t people have the right to breathe?)

Green Diwali & Say No to Crackers

You have been noticing this mess for quite a few years now, and you wanted to prove that it’s entirely possible to enjoy Diwali without crackers. So, you decided to do your bit to improve the air quality—by celebrating a Green Diwali.

Now, nothing could’ve been better than social media to spread the word. So, you announced, ‘Celebrate Green Diwali, Say No to Crackers’ on your Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts.

And boy oh boy, comments started pouring in like the monsoon rain!

Family members, friends, relatives, and even strangers congratulated you for saying no to crackers, celebrating a clean and green Diwali, and saving the environment.

All this encouragement and support exhilarate you and assure you that you’re doing the right thing.

But are you?

Deep down in your heart, you suspect something is not right. You aren’t sure what, but you know something is out of place, something is awfully wrong.


The Power of Propaganda

Have you ever noticed how the media fools us?

It goes something like this:

A tobacco company launches an advertising campaign for its new cigarette, aimed at young working-class males.

TV, newspapers, youtube, and radio—every damn media floods with the adverts: A young corporate executive is portrayed as the epitome of success, releasing puffs of smoke in the air every time he closes a deal (and getting the hottest girl working in his office). How cool, right?

And that’s what the cigarette’s really about: Being an alpha male!

And so, the marketing executives, field officers, clerical staff, and many others start buying the new pack. As a result, despite tobacco killing more than 8 lakh people in Bharat every year, that cigarette brand records an all-time high.

(I mean, are you kidding me, who doesn’t like sex?)

The tobacco company persuaded people to pay for their own slow deaths, proving that brainwashing can make you do anything.

That’s what happened to me precisely.

Let me explain.

While trying to make sense of the world during my teenage years, I was influenced by weird modernism.

And that so-called modernism didn’t include Hindu culture, traditions, or values. In fact, being a Hindu was superstitious and regressive, and communal. As a result, I started believing something was wrong with the Hindu devas, Hindu traditions, and Hindu culture.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was taking rotten, vicious, and fascist ideologies for their exact opposites, all in the name of “secularism.”

How Earl Nightingale Opened My Eyes

I found a personal development audiotape by an American radio personality and speaker, Mr. Earl Nightingale.

And that changed everything.

In this tape—Lead the Field—Mr. Nightingale emphasizes that you must seek the treasure under your own feet before traveling far away lands. He further elaborates how this simple act can save you pain, suffering, and heartache. And you shall realize the truth that was staring right in your face: What you’re searching for has always been under the very ground you’re so desperate to abandon.

(By the way, it’s one of the best personal development audio programs out there. Do check it out.)

His argument hit me like a hammer, and I wondered:

What if I was naïve? What if I was wrong about Hindutva? Could it be that I was relying on half-baked theories to judge Sanatana Dharma and Bharat?

So, I started exploring Hindu roots and Dharma, and I discovered that I was brainwashed into disrespecting my own roots. Not only that, but I was also dead wrong about most of the things related to Indic civilization.

And guess what? I realized (contrary to the myth) that being a Hindu is, actually, the coolest thing ever!

Say No to Crackers, Celebrate Green Diwali: Aarti

But let me admit—I would’ve turned into a “secular” (read: misinformed*) Hindu who hates everything about Sanatan Dharma—based on half-cooked truths spread by wicked people and groups. But luckily, I realized I was being played.


Definition of the word 'mininformation' by Oxford Languages

So, that was me. What about you?

What If I Told You that You’re WRONG about Green Diwali?

That Green Diwali is not what it seems?

That Green Diwali is not about curbing air pollution during the festive season?

And what if I revealed that the ‘Celebrate Green Diwali’ campaigns are not about saving the environment?

Let me explain.

Do you think Diwali crackers are responsible for year-long air pollution? (It’s just a single-day affair, after all.) And if Diwali crackers are not the culprit behind the year-long pollution, then WHAT or WHO pollutes the air we breathe for the rest of the days—364, to be precise?

Let’s see:

Firstly, a shit load of vehicles.

Secondly, dangerous (illegal) factories and unauthorized building material stocks in residential areas.

(Digging and excavation stay on all year round—giant trucks, humongous machinery, tractors, and trolleys keep roaming (even in prohibited zones) and pollute the air with dust and suspended particles.)

And thirdly, (but not finally), population explosion.

All of them (along with many other things) make the air unfit for breathing. And create not just air pollution but also noise pollution and water pollution. And yet, most people keep their lips glued. In fact, the Environment Mafia never seems to have a problem with that kind of pollution. The truth is that their ‘sensitivity’ gets activated only around Diwali.

Isn’t that surprising to you?

Should You Really Celebrate a Green Diwali?

I mean, it’s like eating all kinds of shit the whole year, and then… stuffing your face with raw spinach on the very day when you’re supposed to savor warm, mouthwatering, and heavenly ‘Gulabjamuns’—all because the greens are healthy for you.

(What the hell!) 👿

So, almost nobody has any issues with the year-long pollution, but everybody turns into an ‘environmentalist’ as soon as Diwali approaches.

And then…

a coined phrase becomes the talk of the town:

Green Diwali.

Concerned NGOs, Police officials, and eminent citizens stomp schools and colleges.

They try their best to make the students understand why bursting firecrackers is bad, why we should celebrate Green Diwali, and what are the advantages of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali.  Slogans such as Say No to Crackers this Diwali, Eco-friendly Diwali, and Pollution-free Diwali skyrocket overnight.

The electronic and print media, the elite, and intellectuals seem to be shit-scared about the environment.

They keep yelling, day in and day out, one and one thing only—”Celebrate Green Diwali!” They proclaim that Green Diwali is a godsend—it’s the silver bullet to eliminate the tyrannical pollution monster.

“And are they wrong?”

Not necessarily. But as the saying goes, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ So, let’s dig a little deeper.

Green Diwali & Saying No to Crackers Is a Noble Idea, But…

Agreed, the reasoning is solid: firecrackers cause air pollution, so we must say no to crackers and celebrate a Green Diwali.


But why only Diwali?

Do crackers release deadly smoke only on Diwali?

Why not Green Christmas? Or Green New Year’s Eve? Or Green Celebrity Marriages? Why so much love for Mother Earth only on Diwali?

Now, listen: you’re free to take me for a lunatic for saying this, but…

Green Diwali Is Anti-Hindu Propaganda

Yes, that’s what it is.

Let me say this again: Green Diwali is anti-Hindu propaganda—an annoying, misleading, and insidious one!

This so-called Green Diwali is a dark conspiracy to name and shame Hindu values, traditions, and festivals. And eventually, make you ashamed of being a Hindu.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Damn, this guy is completely nuts!”

Listen: You can call me whatever you like, but facts don’t lie. Want to know some? There you go:

  • Do you worship cows? You do? Well, you’re an idiot—cows are supposed to be eaten, not worshipped.
  • You light a Diya under a Peepal tree and offer water to it on Saturdays? You’re a superstitious, dumb Pagan. But, it’s okay to murder trees—millions of them, every year—for celebrating the birthday of you know who.
  • Do you play Holi with colors? What’s wrong with you? How can you be so insensitive? Didn’t you know only Filmy Holi can be celebrated using watercolors?

“So, Can I Not Celebrate Diwali Without Firecrackers? Must I Burn Crackers On Diwali?”

Of course not!

Look: Diwali is a festival of sweets, lights, and firecrackers.

But, you can choose not to burst crackers, provided that’s your decision—your own understanding. And not because a bunch of dumb-ass Hindu-hating clowns brainwashed you against your own culture.

Don’t feel like adding to the smoke and noise on Diwali? Alright. Say no to crackers; go green.

But remember this: You can’t be selective if you genuinely care about the environment. I mean, how can you keep your lips stitched the whole year and display ‘concern’ only on Diwali?

The fact is that this Green Diwali gimmick is a subtle attack on the Indic civilization. And if you think such hateful attacks will remain limited to Diwali, you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Because the fact is, such things won’t stop until your Hindu identity is decimated.

(And, no, I am not kidding.)

I mean, just think for a moment. Right now, it’s about Diwali. What’s next?

“Hindu incense sticks don’t let me breathe; Hindus must stop using them.”

“Cremating Hindu dead bodies pollute the air. Why cremate? Why not bury?”

“Hindus release carbon dioxide while exhaling. Why don’t they stop breathing?”

(Okay, the last one was a bit over the top, but you got the point.)

“But I Am Worried About the Poor Air Quality on Diwali”

I understand.

But, again. Are you concerned about poor air quality? Or poor air quality on Diwali? They are two very different things. Is pollution just a one-day challenge? I mean, is it like you don’t burn firecrackers for a day, and you’re done? Or is it a battle we must fight the whole year?

I can see where you’re coming from, though.

You’re worried about the environment. And that’s why you feel strongly about Green Diwali.


Then run Stop Production of Firecrackers campaigns because banning crackers only on Diwali makes the Save the Environment thing sort of fishy. Do you know why? Because the focus is not on eliminating firecrackers; rather, the target is Diwali.

The Dark Truth of Green Diwali & Say No to Crackers Campaigns

Remember how I said that Green Diwali is not about Saving the Environment?

Want to know the hidden, dark truth of green Diwali? Well, it might be a little tough to swallow, but here you go:

You, The Hindu, are a thorn in the eyes of anti-Hindu groups worldwide. They are pained to see that despite being ruled over, butchered, and humiliated for years by Muslim invaders (and Christian missionaries), more than 79.8% percent of Bharat’s population is still Hindu.

And their frustration is understandable because many countries converted in just a blink of an eye. But, then, how come you—the tree hugger, the cow worshipper, the idolater, the Qafir still a Hindu?

That’s the real issue.

But that doesn’t mean you start hating people. No, that’s not the point. The reality is that Muslims living in Bharat (along with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) are also victims of Islam—they were Hindus who couldn’t stand up and fight for Dharma. And Muslim barbarians spared their lives only because they converted to Islam.

Historical records describe the barbarism committed by Taimur in Delhi. He had 100,000 Hindu captives by the time he reached Delhi. And he executed all of them and created a pillar with the heads. He spared those who converted to Islam. Vincent A Smith in his book The Oxford History of India: From the Earliest Times to the End of 1911 wrote How Taimur’s attack was targeted on the Hindu population. His forces spared only Muslim neighborhoods and massacred or enslaved the Hindus.

— Manoshi Sinha Rawal, Yogaditya Singh Rawal

Page 24, Saffron Swords: Centuries of Indic Resistance to Invaders


But there’s a catch:

Do not hate anybody but also don’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening around you.

And, now… here’s an interesting thing: Using Sword to convert people is becoming harder as the times change,  so the Hindu haters are replacing the sword with subtler tactics. One such tactic is information warfare. It’s a subtle way to mislead, confuse, and convert.

No, you don’t need to take my word for it. Instead, be a little more alert and notice what’s happening around you:

  • Observe what’s going on in TV debates.
  • Take notice of how major English newspapers are crafting their headlines.
  • See what’s being projected in TV and YouTube commercials.
  • Analyze which trends are being promoted on Twitter.
  • And pay attention to what kind of words are being used in Bollywood songs.

Here’s the screenshot of a tweet by Shri @MNageswarRaoIPS.

Shri M Nageswara Rao's Tweet's Screenshot

If you looked carefully… like REALLY looked, you’ll notice an underlying current running through most media. And that is…


But, it’s not easy to notice. In fact, it’s designed to stay hidden to work indirectly on your psyche so that you wouldn’t suspect a thing! This whole nexus is built to help anti-Hindu groups fulfill their agenda, which is:

First, make you feel inferior as a Hindu, intimidate you intellectually, and eventually… convert you. And guess what? They are not going to stop anytime soon.

So, the fact of the matter is…

Sanatan Dharma: Hindus

Your values, pride, and Hindu identity are at stake, and history has millions of pieces of evidence for that: Islamic invaders demolished 40,000+ Hindu temples, converted millions of Hindus with force, and butchered countless others beyond imagination. (Remember the Hindu genocide in Kashmir?)

Like it or not, O mighty Hindu, you are at a war so severe that your very own Hindu existence is in danger.

The question is: how prepared are you to reverse this impending civilizational doom?

Today there is a great Dharma Yuddha going on in the world, a battle between the forces of dharma and adharma, the energies of higher awareness and ignorance. This is occuring on many levels from our own psyche, to the political, economic, intellectual and media realms. Each one of us is called to fight in this battle and there are no neutral parties. One is either promoting the forces of dharma or those of adharma. To not do anything is to allow the forces of adharma to prevail.

— Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)

Page 34, Awaken Bharata: A Call for India’s Rebirth

So, essentially, you have only two choices:

Throw in the towel, get on your knees, and hang your head in shame.


Stand tall, hold your ground, and fight back!

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