Taking One Step at a Time

Taking one step at a time is better than trying to take it all at once. Because when you take one step at a time, life gets so much easier.

Agreed, taking it all in one go seems to be even better when you’re in a hurry, but that rarely works. And apart from that, trying to do everything together seldom leads to fulfillment and genuine satisfaction.

Let me explain.

If you don’t already know, I am also a radio jockey on AIR FM Gold channel (100.1 MHz). And I guess you might have listened to one of my live radio shows on Sunday nights—Ravivaar Raat Gold, (if you’re a radio lover, of course). 🙂

In December 2003, during one of our training sessions, our mentor, Mr. Vijay Deepak Chibber gave us invaluable insight into radio jockeying:

“Usually, you get enough time to do homework for your show. You have time to research, prepare your script, and rehearse. But sometimes, you may need to present a radio show without any prior preparation whatsoever. We call it an emergency duty.” If you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic. Just remember not to worry about the whole show at once. Prepare your first cut (what a radio jockey speaks before playing a song is usually referred to as a “cut”) then the second cut, then the third one, and so on. Work one cut at a time.”

Not only did the “taking one step at a time” strategy help me as a radio jockey, but it also made my life easier during certain other times as well. You see, quite often, we worry about 5 or 10 years from now. And it worries us because it’s almost impossible for anyone to see that far in the future. Since the future is uncertain, we fail to see how we are going to make it. And then guess what happens? We panic and lose focus.

Instead of panicking and getting anxious, how about taking one step at a time?

What do you think will happen if you take this approach?

Can completing the task at hand with full focus and dedication improve the quality of your work?

Will your life get easier, more manageable, and purposeful if you live in the moment?

What difference will it make to your life if you don’t try to control the whole journey in the very beginning?

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