Letting Go for a Day. How About Today?

“Let go or work harder?”

Do you find yourself in the dilemma of choosing between the two?

And, what if letting go instead of working harder is exactly what you need? Even if it is just for a single day?

Most people say that you must have a goal in mind as soon as the sun rises. And that’s kind of true. Because goals give you a clear direction about what to do on any given day.

Goals make one’s days, weeks, months, years, and finally whole life more productive. And it rings true to our ears because unless you have a clear goal in mind how would you move towards it?

But what if you’re stressed out because of some goal or other hammering in your mind all the time?

What if you want to relax a bit and not follow a predetermined path?

What if you want to let the day pass as it pleases? Without any goals or “to-do lists?”

Sure, it goes against the popular notion of having goals, being proactive, and molding your life.

But can you not let go?  For once?

Sure you can!

It’s your life after all. And you can do whatever you want.

Are you with me? Great!

Now, let’s be practical here. Let’s not talk about days or weeks or your life in general. How about this day, this very day, hmm?

I think that makes sense. Because the only day you have is today, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, and it never will. As they say, every day, when it comes, becomes today.

Now, I am not asking you to tear off your to-do lists and throw away your diaries or digital planners. No, I am just encouraging you to do a little experiment.

Let’s Find Out If “Letting Go” Can Help You.

Step back from goals. And planning. And let the day take over.

I know it sounds weird since we’re accustomed to having a clear-cut plan for everything. Because that’s what “successful” people do, right?

But just for the sake of it, pause your habit of planning and executing and ticking off the tasks on the list for a day.

Let the day unfold on its own. Let it take you wherever it wants. You just co-operate.

And notice how you feel about being in a position of letting go.

Remember: there is no “letting go technique.” So,  don’t ask, “How do I let go?” Because when you want a “method” to let go, that means you’re still trying to remain in control. You have been trying to control your day and now you’re even trying to “control” the letting go.

You either let go or you don’t. Can you see the point?

Now, I can tell you from my experience that if you let go, then today will not feel like other days. Because when you let things happen, when you allow the day to take its own lazy course, you feel different.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll feel blissed out or relaxed or any such thing. But letting life take over (at least once in a while) gives you a fresher perfective.

It can make you realize that maybe you’re trying too hard to accomplish certain things. And stepping back a little could be a saner and better idea.

So, try this. I mean why not? You don’t have anything to lose or gain from it, for that matter.

It’s just an experiment that can give you a little distance from whatever you’re doing at present. And sometimes, that’s exactly what is needed, a little distance. And distance makes you look at things the way they are.

Now, when you step back and look at things the way they are (and not what you thought they were) you might notice a certain uneasiness. Because let’s admit it, we’re a generation of control freaks. We want to control and mold and give direction to everything. And it’s so ingrained in our psyche that we consider it normal, but is it?

Is Trying to Control Everything, Normal?

True, we need to have a direction of some sort to live a respectful and dignified life, but do we really need to guide everything?

The fact is, that sometimes, we need to stop. We need to take a break and ask ourselves, “Do I really need to do this my own way, or can I let go and let things shape the way they want?”

When you let go, you find that probably you’re trying to control things that are beyond your power. And that means practically almost everything. For example, you can surely behave nicely with others but how they react is certainly not under your control.

I am not saying give up on your goals and put your dreams into a wooden box and throw it away in a river. I am just saying, pause for today. Step back and let the day decide what you will do or not do.

Once today is over, and if you like how it felt, you can go ahead and try it for 7 more days or maybe for 30 days. And if you didn’t like “letting go,” then you always have your “goals” and “staying in control” attitude to fall back to.

It’s a fair deal.

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