Nirmal Baba (Nirmaljit Singh Narula) a Thug? (Who Will Decide?)

Nirmal Baba: An Indian Metaphysical Healer and Spiritual GuruNirmal Baba.

A self-proclaimed guru cum metaphysical healer was on the radar of a news channel.

The Headline?

Nirmal Baba Exposed!

The Exclusive BIG Breaking News Began:

“Who is this godman, Nirmal Baba?”

“Is Nirmal Baba a fraud?”

“How did Nirmaljit Singh Narula become Nirmal Baba?”

The channel claimed:

This miracle guru earns over one crore rupees from one Samagam aka Nirmal Darbar (a mass gathering of devotees).

It is said that Nirmal Baba’s ‘Third Eye’ can reveal people’s past, present and future.

You can register on by paying the charges and can ask questions relating to livelihood, love-life, marriage, foreign travel, etc.

The News Channel Grilled Nirmal Baba Further

“Why is Nirmal Baba charging money? Shouldn’t he suggest remedies for free?”

The channel also explained how this Baba was funny enough to be mistrusted (the ‘left-tilting syndrome’ suffering anchor of this foreign-funded news channel reiterated that godmen are supposed to be dead-serious—Nirmal Baba didn’t fit the bill).

They also aired bytes of a few people who proudly mentioned themselves, saints. And those so-called saints declared Nirmal Baba is a thug.

The funny thing?

The people declaring Nirmal Baba a fraud were also self-proclaimed, just like him.

So, Nirmal Baba stay exposed, right?

Well, let’s dive a little deeper: why do people visit ‘Nirmal Darbar’ in the first place?

Because they have vested interests:

Somebody’s son needs a job.

Somebody’s daughter needs to get married.

And somebody else needs mental peace.

The people attending Nirmal Darbar are desperate to remove blockages hindering their personal and professional lives.

The weird part?

Nirmal Baba’s remedies (no matter how weird or hilarious they sound) work for them.

Now, if people are benefiting from his advice, then what is the issue? Why should a news channel or anyone, for that matter, object? What are their vested interests?

Oh, I see …

The issue is not Nirmal Baba or his advice, the real issue is, ‘Why is Nirmal Baba charging money?’

Something wrong with charging money in exchange for useful advice? Don’t you visit your doctor for checkups, seek health-related advice and pay a fee?

Yes, you do. Everybody does. And you don’t expect the doctor to treat you for free, right?

The Problem with the Indian Mind

The Indians take spiritual and metaphysical phenomena for granted. We seek help so we could earn more money, buy bigger cars, build better careers, and experience peace of mind.

But want it for free.

Isn’t that funny?

Yes, helping people without charging a dime has been an age-old Hindu tradition. But who’ll decide if Nirmal Baba, or any other healer, should or shouldn’t charge? And who has the right to pronounce if he is a genuine healer or just another thug?

Nirmal Baba a Thug? Who Will Decide?

A so-called news channel that sensationalises issues and runs paid news to gain higher TRPs?

And by the way, did you ever hear such channels expose The Mother?

Yes, the fraudster who converted hundreds of thousands of impoverished Hindus to Christians by luring them with food, shelter, and medicine in the name of ‘service?’


Instead, they address her as ‘Mother.’

Yeah, right.

But Wait! What About the Rational Thinkers? Can’t They Decide?

Yeah, the so-called rational thinkers (the majority of them are either converts, missionary agents or their sympathisers).

They outrightly reject supernatural powers and paranormal phenomena (especially if it’s coming from a Hindu)

And why do they do that?

Because of their bias and hatred towards pagan cultures (notice how they glorify the supernatural powers of Jesus?!).

And the laughable part?

These Rational Thinkers declare that people who can understand such things are superstitious as if they know what superstition is.

Superstition. What Is It?

Ever heard the name, Ram Gopal Varma?

Yes, the film producer.

The promo of his movie ‘Phoonk’ (based on black magic), reads, “Everything is superstition until it happens to you.”

So, let me get this straight:

The person capable of seeing spirits, able to experience miracles, or have the basic understanding that bad karma brings bad luck is superstitious, right? Anything that doesn’t fit with the so-called rational thinkers’ belief system is superstition.

And what is it when a person dressed in a suit (sitting behind a corporate desk) informs a friend about his promotion, touches a piece of wood saying ‘touch wood?’

That’s not superstition. I guess?

And why is that?

Let Me Tell You What Superstition Actually Is

Believing is superstition.

Knowing is freedom.

That’s why we Hindus consider Mukti as the highest level of consciousness.  And don’t bother pleasing some imaginary god sitting in heaven.

So, let me make this clear:

Nobody has the right to typecast a person, phenomenon, or trend as superstition because they’re incapable of understanding them.

Let’s get back to Nirmal Baba.

Now, the people declaring that Nirmal Baba is a thug were jealous of the fact that an ordinary man became a guru overnight (and now earns huge amounts of money while they’re still dependent on charity). They were also furious at the fact that now they need an appointment to meet him (undoubtedly a blow to their egos).

Just like Nirmal Baba, these people also wanted to make lots of money. But since they lack the skills to attract huge crowds, all they can do is complain.

Now the more pressing question is:

Politicians and scammers have looted hundreds of crores of public money in the name of development of India, but these Holy people rarely raise their voices. And where do these ‘rational thinkers’ hide when Christian missionary thugs run their evil agenda to convert poor, helpless Hindus in the name of Service?

This guy, Nirmal Baba, has all the bloody right in the world to charge money as long as he doesn’t make a fool out of people. The incompetent and incapable ‘saints,’ and missionaries can keep massaging their egos by calling him a thug.

Nirmal Baba is facing the fire because he’s charging money. Will he still be a Thug if he started advising for free?

I doubt it.


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