How to Increase Willpower: 5 Tips to Boost Your Will

Most of us assume that fate chains us. People say that man is not free to act.

By the way, are they wrong? Not quite.

A person who believes no higher power will not seek it (because it does not exist for him). And you cannot find something that you don’t explore.

But if you do try, you’ll get it sooner or later.

If you feel there is a power within our grasp – a reservoir of strength that can make things happen, then you can make it work for you – with your ‘will.’ That’s why it’s called willpower.

Can Power be Destructive?

Of course, power can corrupt you. But is it the fault of that power?


The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the person exercising it. (A knife can cut vegetables, and it can also slit someone’s throat. it depends on how one uses it.)

Power is neutral.

You are free to use it the way you see fit.

Increase Willpower. Here’s How

1. Acknowledge Your Will

You see, you can’t utilize a thing that you aren’t aware of, can you?

Acknowledging your willpower is the first step towards increasing it.

Here’s a simple technique to help you:

Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, and say to yourself, “I acknowledge my willpower. I know I have it, and I can exercise it the way I see fit. It’s my free will, and I am FREE to use it.”

2. Start With the Easiest Thing

Developing a strong will takes time.

Starting with the most challenging task is like driving a car on a highway at full speed without having any idea about accelerator or brakes: It’s sure to create havoc.

Start with the most natural thing.

Conquer the primary challenge, and then move on to more complicated things.

It’s like progressive weight training. Bodybuilders start the first set with lightweight. They keep on increasing the weight – making the next one complicated than the previous one.

Go slow. Build momentum. Keep moving.

3. Challenge Yourself Every Day to Boost Your Willpower

It is true you shouldn’t go overboard too soon. But it’s also true that if you move within your comfort zone only, you can never progress – be it studies, sports, relationships, physical fitness, or (in this case, willpower).

You must challenge yourself every day.

4. Weaken Your Mind

Ever tried to focus on a task at hand, only to find the ever-restless mind don’t let you?

Mind and willpower are contrary. I know it sounds weird because you’ve heard that by increasing your will, you’re developing your mind.


The reality is:

The stronger the willpower, the more controlled the mind.

Consider your mind as a robot. It’s your willpower that directs the robot to accomplish tasks and overcome challenges. If the robot stopped taking command from you, you’d be in trouble.

And that’s what’s happened. The mind has started refusing your command. Want the control back? Develop your resolve.

5. Accomplish Small Things Daily to Strengthen Your Will

For example, you can decide, “I shall drink one glass of water every 2 hours today-total four glasses.”

It’s not a big deal, but you shall notice that the moment you decide that your mind gets restless because your brain (the robot) should lose a fraction of its power if you accomplished the task. So, it shall try its best to break your resolution.

It shall say, “Oh, why drink so much water? If you drink that much water, you shall have to make frequent trips to the washroom, and your work shall suffer.”

The mind will reason to break your resolution, but that’s the test. Say to it, “Just shut up! I am going to do what I’ve decided. It would be best if you kept quiet. Let me complete my resolution, and then we may talk.”

Come what may don’t listen to your mind.

Once you complete the resolution for that particular day, you’ll feel a little more powerful. That feeling of triumph is an indication that your willpower has increased a bit. Keep doing such simple experiments daily, and you’ll notice a significant boost within a month or two.

Once you have the power, you can use it to score better marks in exams, move forward in your career, or gain an inch on your biceps. It’s up to you how you use it.



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