Using Your Body as a Dumping Ground

Can I ask you an uncomfortable question?

Have you been using your body as a dumping ground?

A dark, neglected piece of land where you can dump anything? Extra hours at work, unwanted stress, and apathy for your own desires, to name a few.

I mean, seriously, how many times last week you finished an “urgent” piece of work despite feeling unwell?

Why do you think you must say “yes” to chores to fit into your already “overflowing” schedule?

Do you often feel the need to take up “last-minute” assignments?

Listen: I get it. You are a career-oriented person and you need to work hard to move ahead. But at what cost? Torturing your body with endless hours of work?

Do you do that to please your boss, your co-workers, or maybe your mother-in-law (“Oh! You know what?  Our son-in-law is so hardworking”)?

How Long Can You Use Your Body as a “Dumping Ground?”

For how long do you think you can ignore your body?

Do you think you can “keep going” popping pills despite the nasty headache for the last 10 days?

How long can you not realize that when your body says you need rest, you actually need rest and not more pills to make you feel better?

Agreed, money is vital. You need money to provide your kids with a good education, a better home, and eventually a better future.

Long story short, you need money to enjoy your life. But are you enjoying your life?

Are you celebrating your body? Are you taking good care of it? Have you been listening to what it has been saying to you for a while?

Let’s do some soul-searching.

Do you rest when your body says it’s tired?

How about eating when the body requires it?

And do you eat what your body craves or do you eat something else “recommended” by some fitness guru?

In other words, do you listen to your body? Or do you treat it like a dumping yard? A free-for-all-ground where anything can be dumped, be it pills or syrups or some magic drink to keep it going?

Mind you, you have not earned your body. It’s a gift you have received from the Universe. And it’s time to think twice before you ignore its “cry for help” signals.

How about pausing for a while and listening to what your body has to say before things get out of hand?

Or do you think you still have time to treat your body like most people?

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