Overcoming Inertia (Moving Past Initial Resistance is Hard)

The primary focus of a new venture must be to find ways to overcome inertia.


Because the beginning is the hardest part.

For example:

You want to kick-start a new business.

You want to pursue new fitness goals.

Or, maybe you want to improve your spoken English.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do, what matters is that you focus your energy to overcome inertia so you can achieve your goals on time.

It’s Not Easy to Overcome Inertia

That’s the reason why many ideas, many new sparks never see the light of the day. Once the flow is there, anybody can pick the pace. Most of the people can work efficiently once the starting phase is over. But only a few can summon the courage to keep moving past initial resistance to overcome inertia.

Even your car needs to overcome inertia every single time you turn on the ignition. It’s the first few meters that feel like it is dragging itself up. But unless it moves past those first meters, it can never move forward.

The majority of the people who fail in life are talented enough, but they lack the courage to overcome inertia.

A rocket consumes almost 50% of its fuel in the very beginning when it tries to break free from the gravity pull of the earth. Once it is past the gravity, everything gets more comfortable.

It is right about your life too.

If you want to accomplish a goal, make sure you don’t keep planning for too long.

Gather your energy and try to move forward, no matter how difficult it seems in the beginning (which it will, for sure).

The initial phase tests your patience and courage to move forward when everybody else seems to leave behind. People who’re not moving forward might appear enjoying life, and you might start taking yourself for a loser who’s being weird to try to achieve a goal not many people seem to care about. But the fact is that most of the people who were seen “enjoying” life will still be where they were when you had started your journey.

A man’s integrity and the will to move past failures is tested the most in the initial phase. So, don’t feel you’re the only one finding it hard to begin. Anyone who tried achieving more significant things in life had to pass through that phase.

The Will to Overcome Inertia Separates Winners from Losers

How can you overcome inertia? By building momentum.

Building momentum is not an overnight process. It can take weeks, months, and sometimes, years.

When I was trying to get into radio jockeying, I had to do a lot of preparation for the voice audition. It took me less than 20 minutes to qualify one, but more than three years to build momentum so I could master the skills to achieve my goal within a few minutes.

I appeared thrice for the voice audition of two FM channels in All India Radio’s Delhi station and failed both. I became resentful of the RJs presenting radio shows because I thought they must have had some “jack.” That’s the reason they could pass the audition and I couldn’t. But then by and by, I started realising that maybe I hadn’t built the momentum required to overcome inertia.

Since I was short on money for buying the necessary books, I became a member of the neighbourhood library and started studying written and spoken communication skills, notably Hindi. There was a Hindi thesaurus – and the members were supposed to use it on the library premises only. So, I started noting down all the possible Hindi words that I thought were important from the perspective of radio jockeying.

Once I had confusion about the word “Zanjeer.” I listened carefully to the song “Yeh dil deewana, deewana hai yeh dil” from the movie “Pardes” whenever it was aired. Sonu Nigam had sung the song, and it had one line that has the word “Zanjeer.” I also bought two general knowledge books and started reading them aloud every morning for about 20 to 30 minutes.

At the time, I was working for a soft drink company. My workday used to be quite long – almost 14 to 16 hours. So I had to make sure that I practised before I left in the morning. I kept doing that for nearly three years and finally cracked the voice audition of FM Gold Channel in 2003.

You Can Overcome Inertia If You Keep At It

It’s correct about any career or goal you might have in mind. Let’s say you want to get fit by losing excess body fat. Do you know what the hardest part? You guessed it right. The hardest part is to start to move past the initial resistance. The starting phase is the litmus test of your motivation. That’s why successful people often say you must have a burning desire to achieve your goals, anything less than that is most likely to fail.

If you want to lose body fat, you shall make sure you eat healthy food. When people shall be eating burgers, you’d look around for something that can give you a little more protein.

You shall start skipping the late-night news so you can sleep on time. Sleeping on time shall ensure that you shall be able to go jogging the next morning. You’ll put an alarm on your mobile phone. You shall get up the moment the alarm goes off. You shall prepare yourself and move out.

Waking up, getting ready, and stepping out of your home – it’s inertia. You need to do that daily to build momentum. Once you’ve had enough energy, things will get smoother. Then the process will move from manual to autopilot. It shall start happening with almost no effort on your part, but until then, it’ll be you who’ll make that happen.

Decide what is it that you want to do, and start feeling strongly about it, because strong feelings create a burning desire to help you achieve your goal. And then you can quickly overcome inertia.

What steps can you take today to build momentum and overcome inertia to achieve your goals?

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