How to Destroy a Company from the Inside: 8 Golden Rules

Want to learn how to destroy a company?

More specifically, how to destroy your own company from the inside.

Agreed, there are lots of resources available to run a successful company but not many on how to destroy a company.

But, you’re in luck today.

In this article, I have shared 8 golden rules to help you (the boss) destroy your own company.

Here we go.

1. Never Appreciate the Employees

You see, you pay your employees to get things done. They are not doing any favor to you. In fact, if you would not have hired them, they would have starved to death. So, where does this appreciation part come from, huh?

You know what? Give them stress. Give them new and useless work to handle, but never appreciate them. Make them feel like robots driven by a battery called “salary.”

2. Stay “Closed” to Suggestions

The boss is always right, correct?

And you must make your employees realize that you are the boss. And you are always right, no matter what.

Don’t even listen to their suggestions. I mean, who the hell are they to suggest you anything?

Do they think you are stupid? ha…You know everything! (You’re the boss, remember?)

You know how to run your business, you know how to handle situations (even when you are clueless about what’s happening 🙄 )

Suggestions? What suggestions?  If your team members approach you with one, show them the mirror.

3. Be a Fault Finder

I’ll tell you what, if you keep finding positive points in your employees’ work, it’ll get into their heads.

And once that happens, they might start feeling a part of the organization (and even feel good about being an employee of your company). No, that should never happen, it’s utterly dangerous, you know.

To prevent any such thing from happening, you should always find faults, even if nobody agrees with you. This will keep your employees de-motivated and “in check.”

4. Believe in “Use and Throw”

We all know that the corporate world teems with various misconceptions. One such misconception is that employees are an asset to the company. That’s a lie! Employees are far from being an asset. They are just a means to an end: more and more profits.

And hence, no employee should ever be treated as an asset.

Always believe in the “use and throw” philosophy. Don’t ever help your employees to become an asset to the company. As a boss, it’s your sacred duty to use them as much as you can and when they complain, simply kick them out.

5. Keep Sending Stupid Mails about “Recession”

Recessions come and go, but in your organization, it should be a permanent thing. Something that came and never went away.

The “evergreen” recession must be drilled into your employees’ psyche and for that, you need to send at least 3 emails about the recession each week.

Remind them that times are hard.

That there are no jobs in the market. And you’re doing them a favor by keeping them employed.

Ask them to get toilet paper and tissues from home, they can’t expect the company to pay for such “luxuries.”

6. Expect Your Employees to Take All the Stress

As a boss, you should never experience stress.

If you will take stress, then what are your employees for? Why have you hired them, huh?

The employees must take all the stress while you enjoy month-long vacations abroad.

And one more thing—you should never be available by phone or email while vacationing.

You tell me, what’s the fun of vacationing if you still need to answer your employees’ queries?

7. Don’t Give Them Time to Relax

Employees are like sugar cane, the more pressure you apply, the more juice you can get from them. And hence, you must not give them time to

An employee should never have the privilege to relax and rejuvenate. Such things are meant for bosses only.

Here’s a simple tip to keep your employees on their toes.

Ask them to come to the office on Saturdays, even if there is no work. They should never get time to do anything that makes them happy.

Not only are they supposed to reach the office on time but it’s also expected of them that they shall attend to “official” phone calls after office hours. Even on holidays.

After all, you’re paying them handsome” salaries, aren’t you?

8. Always Play “Mail-Mail”

Even if your employees are sitting next to you, rarely talk to them.

Talking honestly and openly might open a healthy dialogue, and that’s not a good thing I tell you.

If you talk to your employees and clarify everything, (which of course is easier and builds trust) then what the hell are computers and the internet for?

So, ask each and everything by mail, even if you need to send 10 emails to clarify 1 trivial thing.

There you go. Now that you know how to destroy a company, you can apply these simple rules to ruin any organization, no matter how big or small.

Good luck!


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