How to Avoid Traffic Challan

Want to learn how to avoid traffic challan. Read on.

You see, no matter how hard you try, at one point in time or the other, traffic police might stop you. Well, there is nothing wrong with it except that it eats up time, and money and yes, also invites unwanted attention from fellow drivers. (OMG, did he just jump red light?)

Just keep in mind these 3 tips and you shall enjoy a traffic challan-free ride.

1. Obey Traffic Rules

(What the *$@%!^?)

I know it sounds too obvious but can’t help it. The solution is simple: if you want to avoid a traffic challan then follow the rules.

  • Stop at signals.
  • Park your vehicle in parking zones only.
  • Drive within permissible speed limits.
  • Always wear your seat belt, and so on.

You know the rules, right? But, at times you just break them. Why? Well, because you are late. You need to reach the office by 9:30 and guess what? It’s 8:50 already. Here comes the tornado on the road…watch out you little fellas!

Vrooom, Screech, Honk…Honk…Honkkk!

Jump the red lights, take the wrong turns, and do everything you can to reach the office on time.

(I can understand where you’re coming from because I have been in the same shoes some years ago. My office was in Gurgaon (now Gurugram) and no matter which road I took, they were all congested and overcrowded like hell. There is so much chaos and confusion, especially in the peak hours, that you start feeling doomed.)

So what’s the solution? Well, the solution is as simple as the problem—Leave home on time! 🙂

Ask yourself.

  • Why can’t I leave for work on time?
  • Will cleaning my “To do” list help a bit?
  • Do I need to cut down on my TV watching at night?
  • Should I keep my clothes in proper place the night before?
  • What lifestyle changes do I need to make so I can leave for work on time?

I can tell you from my experience that waking up late in the morning is one of the main reasons for getting late for work. If your office starts at 9:30, consider that you need to reach at 9:15 sharp and then plan accordingly. And no, keeping your wristwatch 15 minutes faster doesn’t help, so don’t even think about that. 🙂

That way, you can leave for work at least 15-20 minutes earlier than usual. Not only will it help you follow the traffic rules and avoid getting fined, but it’ll also help you reduce travel time, fuel consumption, and stress levels.

2. Always Carry the Documents

The first two words you shall hear from a traffic police officer would be “LICENSE please!” And then other documents. Make sure you’re carrying these documents every time you drive.

  • Driving license
  • Car’s registration certificate (RC)
  • Original copy of your car’s insurance policy
  • Valid Pollution under control certificate (PUC)

3. Stay Calm and Polite

When stopped by traffic police, don’t panic. And also, don’t take the officer for an enemy. He is just a public servant performing his duty. Instead, do this:

Turn the engine off and get out of the car. Doing so will make you approachable and cooperative. And yes, if you are wearing sunglasses, remove them. Having eye-to-eye contact is necessary for a productive conversation.

Now, if you don’t do this and remain inside your car (unless asked by the traffic police personnel) with your sunglasses on, this is what he might think,  “एक तो ग़लती कर रा है अर उप्पर ते हीरो भी बण रा है, गाड्डी में ते उतरा भी नि जात्ता!”

Don’t explain or try to justify. Simply because the traffic police officer is not at all interested in your explanation. Rather greet the officer and admit your mistake, and it will create a good impression.

I remember how this strategy once saved me from a traffic challan. Here’s my story.

A police officer stopped me while I was on my way back home. He asked for the documents. I had everything in place except my bike’s insurance policy. The policy was expired and I didn’t even know that one needed to get the insurance policy renewed every year. Yeah! Go ahead and laugh at my ignorance.

I admitted my mistake and asked him how much fine I needed to pay. I did not argue and explained that it was dumb of me to stay misinformed about the annual renewal of the insurance policy. He looked at my face for a few moments. And then asked me where I worked (that must have been his first chance to come across a wise guy like me). 🙂

I told him that I work for a Radio Station and showed him my I-card. He thought for a moment and let me go with a warning to get the bike’s insurance policy renewed at the earliest. I thanked him and left and got the insurance policy renewed the same day.

The idea is to admit your mistake, stay calm and polite and chances are you might get away with little or no fine. So, these were three simple tips to help you avoid a traffic challan.

Drive safe and please don’t honk.

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