Why Do I Keep Attracting Losers into My Life?

“Why do I keep attracting losers?”

I should have asked this question a long time ago. But I didn’t because I assumed it was just a coincidence and things would improve with time.

Well, guess what? They never did.

But I kept living under the impression that:

  • I could be a winner by repeating “I am a winner” a zillion times a day.
  • I could force my mind to believe in good fortune to attract positive people and circumstances.
  • Willpower could help me overcome negative thought patterns and behavioral conditioning.

I tried self-hypnosis, affirmations, and also subliminal recordings. I mean, I tried almost every goddamn thing under the sun, but the losers didn’t go away. Still, I didn’t lose hope.

Though I was venturing into never-ending darkness, I thought it was just a matter of time.

Something radical happened this morning: My whole world came crashing down around me when I realized what a fool I had been.

The fact is that attracting losers and jerks into one’s life is rarely a matter of coincidence.

What is it, then? Why do you keep attracting unsuccessful and harmful people into your life?

Why Do You Keep Attracting Miserable People into Your Life?

Are you cursed?

Have you done something wrong? Like terribly wrong?

Hell no. On the contrary…

You have been doing everything you possibly can.

Repeating the affirmations is a ritual for you first thing in the morning. Positive, uplifting books and materials are scattered everywhere in your room. You try to raise your vibrations every single day by sitting in meditation every night.

But then why the fuck is nothing happening?

Yes, you do see some progress for a while, and you feel like, “Hmm..looks like I am on the right track.” But within a few weeks or maybe a couple of months.

Everything goes back to square one, and you find yourself standing where you had started—surrounded by unpopular and incompetent people. The confusion and frustration rise like scorching heat on a summer day.

Back to the Revelation Dawned on Me this Morning

I have been feeling sick because of a little cold since last night. I had a runny nose along with a mild fever, and yes, a kind of depression and desperation was all over me for having so many weaklings in my life.

So, I sat with my eyes closed and took an inventory of the people I had in my life. And boy, was I shocked to notice the cold hard truth that had always been there all these years, right in front of my eyes.

You bet.

Most of the people surrounding me (if not all) were big-time losers: people with little or no financial education, no sense of direction, and no major good happening in their lives.

In other words, they were fucked. (And so was I).

During those moments of dire frustration, I asked myself, “How did I attract such jerks into my life?”

A little voice popped into my head and said:

“Because you are a jerk yourself.”

What? You Think I am a “Jerk?”

“Yes, you keep attracting failed and miserable people into your life simply because you are full of fear. Because you feel like a nobody.”

“You don’t want to acknowledge that things are not right because you’re in denial mode.”

Well, I didn’t quite like what I heard, but yes, that was true. I never indeed acknowledged that I felt like a failure. “So, what do I need to do?” I asked that little voice.

“Acknowledge that you feel like a jerk!”

“OK. I got this.”

Then I merely became aware that I felt like a beaten-up guy who had lost all his strength and zeal for life.

And to tell you the truth, it was kind of overwhelming. But, no, I didn’t feel like giving up. After about 20 minutes, I felt relieved, as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Something settled down.

Yes, I feel like a jerk but not that much, and now I have the key to solving the issue. I just needed to keep acknowledging that I was attracting losers into my life until the problem was resolved.

Do You Keep Attracting Deceitful, Dishonest, and Unethical People into Your Life?

Well, don’t blame anybody. Not even yourself.

Just sit in a dark and quiet room with your eyes closed and look inside.

How do you feel?

Do you feel like a dumbass?

If you do, you know where those dumbasses are coming into your life from.

And the best part?

Now you know what to do.

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